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Dr. Joseph Hardy Neesima traveled to France with Fujimaro Tanaka, the commissioner of education of Japanese government, between July 16 and 20 in 1872 and stayed in Paris only four or five days. He was fascinated by the beautiful and spreading downtown. Probably drawing his heart immensely, Paris attracted Neesima to come back to the city again for sightseeing from Germany.

The Second Doshisha Alumni Association Grand Reunion abroad will be held in this fantastic town of Paris where Neesima also visited two times. You are cordially welcome to join this superb event with your friends.

Tomokazu Nakamura
DAA Vice-President, and chairman of the Organizing Committee;
Akihiko Kuroda,
President, Doshisha Clover Club in Paris

The Doshisha Grand Reunion in Paris
Date: Reception starts at 16:30, Saturday, September 15, 2018
Place: Restaurant of UNESCO (Map enclosed)
UNESCO (7thFloor)
7 Place de Fontenoy 75007 Paris
Sponsor: DAA Co-sponsor: Doshisha Clover Club, Paris
Fee: 50 Euro payable at the receptionist
Participants: Doshisha graduates
Those accompanying the graduates can participate in the event even if they are not alumni. Please join us with your family and friends.

Among many other special guests invited will be Dr. Hatta, chancellor & chairperson of the Doshisha, and Dr. Matsuoka, president of Doshisha University. It is hoped that all participants will deepen mutual understanding and friendship over delicious meals and various performances.

◆How to make application:
Please send to the DAA secretariat the following contents by either Fax or e-mail or postal letter as follows:

  • names
  • Year of graduation
  • Graduate School · Faculty
  • age
  • occupation
  • whether a life-long fee is paid and your branch.
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Mobile phonenumber
  • E-mail
  • Accompanying: (Family and friends of the graduates are accepted as family members)
  • Relations of participants: (If accompanying persons are also the graduates, they are entitled to use the same forms of applicants.)

The Secretariat of Doshisha Alumni Association (ADD)
In charge: Yasuhiro Kumagai
(Address: Marutamachi-Agaru, Teramachi-Dori, Kamigyo-Ku, Kyoto 602-0867, Japan)
Fax: 075-253-2171

You can also enter from the application form below.

◆Regarding subsidies to those participating from overseas:
(1) It is planned that those participating in the Grand Paris Reunion party from overseas DAA branches are entitled to get subsidies.

(2) As for those who finished paid-in life-long DAA fee, a sum of 40 Euro (about 5,400 yen) per head will be subsidized to their DAA branches later. (The sum is subject to change)

(3) How to apply for the subsidy:

  • 1. Individual application should be filed independently.
  • 2. Applications for subsidy of the life-long paid-in members are requested to be made by September 30 addressing to Secretary Kumagai, together with a list of the members, their graduate year, faculty, and addresses,(hopefully using Excel.)
  • 3. The confirmation of participants and the checking of their life-long paid-in fee will be made before the delivery. After calculating based on the affordable figures, the subsidies will be sent to each branch. As for the way of delivery, inquiries can be made individually.

In case of confirming the life-long paid-in fee, self-inquiries are advised to make to the DAA Secretary Kumagai.
In case there is no DAA branch in the country you live, please join a branch in the neighboring country.

◆As for students studying abroad:
Those studying abroad are free of charge. In that case, please make it sure to apply with an introduction from the DAA member.

※The contents are subject to change.
※Information of this matter will also be announced in the Doshisha Times and the DAA Home Page.